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Set Descending Direction

As leading wholesale furniture and accessories suppliers in the UK we have the industry insight to know that homes are becoming safe spaces that aid the escapism from consumers’ busy realities. So let us introduce you to another major trend for Autumn/Winter 22: Fall Hideaway. Consumers are attempting to withdraw from social media and focus on the privateness within their homes, creating an intimate and atmospheric living space. Using materials such as cowhide, unbleached cotton, blackened wood and sustainable jute are at the forefront of major trend-led retailers and consumers. These materials teamed with a colour palette of caramel shades and burning amber lead to décor that is gracious towards the senses. The Fall Hideaway concept provides the perfect antidote to the cult of busy lives. The use of raw shapes, refined designs and all-weather fabrics helps to set the scene and generate a deep sense of intimacy. The trend overall focuses on seclusion and intimate settings, with the use of organic, simplified designs that enhance alone time within our homes.